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Welcome to John Freya London UK based, the premier online shopping experience for those who enjoy the finer pleasures of outdoor pursuits in the British Countryside.

We use highly sophisticated manufacturing technology for the production of unique products which sufficiently meet the international standard of quality and performance.

Our design department is always striving to achieve innovative designs with leading-edge technology to improve performance of our products.


Our traditionally styled range of shooting products have been carefully chosen and hand crafted by skilled craftsmen, with the field sportsman in mind using only the finest materials. We are confident that you will approve of the high quality of our shooting products using finest full grain genuine leather and rugged heavyweight canvas including luxurious linings/ brass buckles and fittings to create a collection that stands out from the crowd.


Leather’s stress points are stitched using techniques that offer maximum strength where needed, handles and attachments are reinforced inside the product to minimize the risk of pulling away or through which is cosmetically more attractive but also better for the integrity of the product.


At John Freya, we are at all times committed to maintaining our belief that every item we sell is Fit for Purpose, Designed for Quality, Functionality and be great Value for Money.... Only for Sophisticated individuals!


We welcome our Customers for any special need.

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